PGA 2018 – home sweet home

PGA 2018 – home sweet home

We have returned to Olsztyn


We do not feel legs and we have torn throats. Maybe we have not won any official prizes at PGA2018, but we really feel that we won the PGA, and that’s all thanks to you. During these 3 days we collected an unbelievable amount of feedback. Every comment, whether negative or positive, will give us a lot, very much in the context of the future of Down to Hell. It was fantastic to spend some time with you, nail a high five, exchange feelings about games or just talk about pierogi. Particularly thanks to all those who returned to our stand for these few days. You showed us that the last weeks of full work paid off.

Congratulations, of course, to all those who managed to defeat our boss (who will of course be a mini-boss in the first location), and the rest remind you that at the end of November you will be able to try your hand again in the fight against Crimson.

Thank you again for everything! Now, we’re back to work on Down to Hell.

PS. We remember about shirts;)
PS2. As we said at the PGA, if any of you do not get an email or message from us in the next week, let us know on facebook.